Witches of America (My Personal Thoughts)

Gwydion Blackrose

Woman in storm

I’m worried about what other people might make this post mean. I’m not screaming out for attention here. This is not a calculated attempt to ride the waves of popular discourse, either. What it is about is what Alex Mar with her new book Witches of America has been doing to me, people I love and care about, and the Craft in general. This is about how it makes me feel, because I have been there. Literally.

(Note: If you have no clue what that book is about in the first place and why it’s not only very bad writing and an insult to good and decent journalism and research, I recommend that you read this excellent review by Rhyd Wildermuth. You can read an excerpt here in addition, if you really have to. Now let’s proceed.)

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A Texas woman’s Dildos-Not-Guns protest is causing gun fanatics to lose it

we hunted the mammoth

Is that a gun in your pocket or, oh, never mind Is that a gun in your pocket or, oh, never mind

An Austin woman has come up with a rather innovative way to protest a new “campus carry” law that will allow Texans to carry concealed weapons on campuses: what if gun control advocates were to show up on the University of Texas at Austin carrying not guns, but … dildos?

Naturally, she’s calling it #CocksNotGlocks.

As Jessica Jin, the woman behind the proposed protest, explained on the Facebook page she set up for the event,

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Pagans and Plants

Pagan Activist

Ayahuasca_prepOne of the first things I did as a new Pagan was roam the hills and woods near my home looking for flower faeries. I felt, at the time, like I had seen a few, as well as the faery of the tree in my back yard. When I did my self initiation as a solitary eclectic Wiccan (I don’t call myself Wiccan anymore) I used fronds from a local willow tree to form a circlet to wear. Weeping willow is still sacred to me to this day. I’m typing this with a willow frond in henna on my arm, and “willow” remains part of my magickal name.

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Eating and caring: a conflict of interest

the vegan strategist

October 4 is the birthday of Saint Francis of Assisi, the Italian saint who according to legend could talk with animals. On that day, we celebrate World Animals Day. The situation of the animals in this world is kind of similar to the situation of the humans: some of them bathe in luxury – mostly the companion animals or “pets” in the rich countries – while many more live a life that’s nasty, brutish and short: the animals we eat.

Pigs are at least as intelligent and capable of experiencing emotions as dogs, but as we want to buy their meat at as cheap a price as possible, the pigs of this world mostly lead short lives of fear, stress, pain and boredom. As a society, we do things with pigs, chickens and cows that we would never do to our companion animals. If you ask people’s opinions…

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