Links We Love

Boko Haram leader states that the 200 plus schoolgirls who were kidnapped in April have been “married off” to Boko Haram fighters. See Jezebel.

Lawsuits were filed against Phi Kappa Tau when a member of the Georgia Tech fraternity sexually assaulted two women using the playbook described in a “luring your rapebait” email. See the Huffington Post.

A presentation at Ramapo College of New Jersey in Mahwah, New Jersey tells female students to practice their anti-rape face. See Mic.

Our lovely founder, Maureen, disproves 7 of the most common myths about periods on Mic.

Kansas’ gay marriage ban was ruled on unconstitutional. See the Huffington Post.

Think Progress explains why women’s soccer players’ fight against FIFA is bigger than a single lawsuit.

Rwanda ranks seventh on a prominent study of the gender gap in various countries, while The U.S. did not even crack the top 10. See

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