I Only Buy Humane Meat

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An Essay on Consistency…

Sooner or later, people who abstain from consuming animal products will listen to friends, acquaintances, or family members declare, “I only buy humane meat,” or “I only buy free-range eggs,” or “I only buy organic milk.”  These are the actual words spoken.

“I only buy humane meat, etc” could be one person’s response to some horrific undercover video footage or another’s solution to factory farming.  The health-conscious say this in the context of minimizing exposure to rBGH, E-Coli O157:H7 or BSE.  Environmentalists might include the word “sustainable.”  Followers of Michael Pollan make this statement in support of the family farmer.

When I hear “I only buy humane meat, etc,” I also hear the following unspoken messages:  “Hey look, I’m doing something,” “I care about the animals, too,” and “I recognize there is a problem.”  I would like to respond to both the spoken words and the…

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