My Responses to “Women Against Feminism” posts.

There’s a blog I won’t link to (I’m not rewarding them with further publicity) with women saying why they don’t need Feminism, or the stereotypical version created by media personalities to tear down because they don’t have good arguments agaisnt actual feminism.

I don’t need Feminism because I like the D. I assume D is for Dick, this was part of several signs being posted. I’m assuming it means they don’t hate men and/or think feminists are a bunch of lesbians. Liking dick or liking sex is pefectly fine within feminist circles, in fact one of the many goals of feminism is to address slut shaming to get the point across that you shouldn’t be made to feel bad for having a healthy sex life. If they meant all feminists are lesbians, that’s both inaccurate and homophobic because it implies that there is something wrong with being a lesbian.

I don’t need Feminism I need a man who will respect me.  If feminism wasn’t needed you wouldn’t have to say you need a man who respects you because a central concept of Feminism is women deserve to be respected.

I don’t need Feminism because I don’t need to bully someone to share my opinions with others. I need Feminism because I’m routinely called a bitch/whore/cunt/fat/ugly for sharing opinions and so are many others.

I don’t need Feminism because my sex life is not a political agenda. I would call being called a prostitute for advocating contraceptive coverage and not being allowed to say vagina during a congressional debate on abortion laws part of a political agenda against your sex life.

I don’t need Feminism because being whistled at or complimented on the street isn’t oppression. Unwanted whistles, cat calls, or “compliments” are harassment. I’ve been called a bitch and even threatened with violence for asking them to stop and it often more than compliments.

Most of the posts are variations of we’re equal now, feminists hate men, and other nonsense that I don’t have the desire to go into right now. I just wanted to share some thoughts.

Here’s a video.


One thought on “My Responses to “Women Against Feminism” posts.

  1. I do not have a problem with women who do not choose the feminist label for whatever reason but I do have a problem with actively misrepresenting the movement.

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