Guns Don’t Kill People. Blood Loss and Organ Damage Do.


A few days ago I clicked on the profile of a facebook friend I intentionally deleted from my newsfeed because I was tired of them sharing right wing posts and I found a right wing post. It was a picture of priests and Native Americans with large lettering across it :

Sandy Hook the Deadliest Shooting in U.S. History…? I think not. In 1890 the U.S. Government Shot & Killed Over 290 UNARMED Indians at School. Including Over 200 Women and Children. How Quickly We Forget History.


They Gave Up Their Guns Too. Remember That!

I googled “1890 Indian School Shooting” and aside from this meme could find no such school shooting. I did find plenty of information on the Wounded Knee Massacre that year where there was absolutely no mention of a school. I think it’s a reasonable assumption my facebook friend didn’t know that, or that the photo appears to be completely unrelated to the incident. More information on the meme can be found here and here.

I’m actually in favor of the right to own a firearms. I’m typically anti prohibition because, in America at least, making things illegal doesn’t always go very well. But I can’t support most people I see “campaigning” for gun rights when they do things like carry assault weapons to intimidate people under the guise of free speech, or share blatant misinformation about one tragedy to dismiss another more recent one. This is America, no one can realistically ban all fire arms so gun nuts don’t have to be such paranoid assholes about the right to bear arms.

On the line How Quickly We Forget History the person who shared this was I thought well aware of my personal history with guns. When I was fourteen my dad bought some shotguns at Walmart and to my knowledge at least one of them legally belonged to my mom. He had a vague plan to go hunting but the closest thing was shooting a bunch of birds in the orchard by our house and making my sister and me clean up the carcasses. When we were visibly upset at having to do it he threatened to take the shovel away and make us pick up the dead birds with our bare hands if we didn’t “quit our blubbering”.

On at least two occasions he threatened to commit suicide by shooting himself. The first time he was on the side porch while Mom was trying to talk some sense into him and eventually the police were called but he’d taken off by the time they got there. The whole rest of the family slept in the living room that night because Mom wanted to keep us together. I woke up to see a dirty white sneaker by my head and knew Dad was standing right over me so I pretended to still be asleep and wondered if he was going to shoot us all and himself like I’d seen so many news reports of abusive fathers doing. Thankfully he wasn’t THAT crazy. The second time he was in his and Mom’s room and my mom was trying to get him to let my sister come out. The way our house was set up you had to go through our parents room to get to mine and my sisters and during this ordeal she was terrified to open our door.

Another occasion an elderly man drove onto our property to ask directions to the Indian casino a few miles from our house only to met by my likely drunk father walking out of the house brandishing one of the shotguns.

The Thanksgiving after the divorce my brother and his girlfriend and one of my sisters went to Dad’s house and my other sister and I were at my mom and stepdad’s place. The middle of the night my mom and stepdad had to go get my brother because there was a drunken fight between him and my dad. During this fight Dad pointed a gun (whether it was loaded I’m not sure) at my brother, who grabbed it by the barrel and shoved the butt end of the gun into Dad’s face giving him a bloody nose.

At no point during my childhood or teen years did  anyone in my family find guns actually useful for anything other than getting their way in an argument or killing animals they had no intention of eating. And even though I’m skeptical that stricter gun laws would  necessarily make people any safer I cannot in good conscience support groups that actively deceive people and completely dismiss the suffering violent or irresponsible gun owners cause just to campaign for rights that are not even being infringed upon.


Voices of Hatred: A look at the noxious views of six of the speakers at A Voice for Men’s upcoming conference

we hunted the mammoth

Curious about the views of the people scheduled to speak at A Voice for Men’s “Men’s Issues” conference next week? Here’s a little video guide. CONTENT WARNING: Domestic violence, rape, incest.

If you’d like to have their quotes in writing for future reference, here’s a transcript of the quotes used in the video. I’ve linked to the source of each quote (or to posts of mine that discuss the quotes in greater detail). Enjoy!

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This thing about male victims

Karen Ingala Smith

A couple of weeks ago, The Independent ran an article on male victims of domestic violence. There were some factual inaccuracies in the report along with the use of the statistic that one in three victims of domestic abuse in Britain is male. I challenged these on twitter. I received the response below from a professional referenced in the article

alan idva3

But I’m not going to move on. I’d prefer to talk about this statistic because it is unhelpful at best, it is derailing and dangerous at worst.

The claim of gender parity in domestic violence, or at least of much less difference than is conventionally believed, is nothing new, in fact it’s been popping up – and out of the mouths of Men’s Rights Activists – since at least the 1970ies.  No matter how often or how robustly ‘gender symmetry’ claims are rebuffed and refuted, its advocates continue to…

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My love-hate relationship with Pride

The Active Voice

A couple of weeks ago, I got an e-mail message from a sender I didn’t recognize. Here’s how it started out:

Dear Ms. Pitman:
I am writing on behalf of Our Family Coalition (OFC) in San Francisco. OFC advances equity for LGBTQ families with children through support, education, and advocacy. We seek to create an inclusive and just world where all LGBTQ families with children have visibility and opportunities to thrive as valued participants in our schools, institutions, and communities.

Initially, I thought this was a targeted mass mailing (which I get all the time), and I almost deleted the message. But then I read the next line:

We recently received an advance copy of your new book and WE LOVE IT!! 

No way!!! They love it!!! That’s exactly what every author wants to hear – especially when all caps and exclamation points are involved.

But then . . . the other…

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