Weave The Future Golden


A few weeks ago I ordered the Kuan Yin Oracle as a birthday present to myself, partly because I’m drawn to Kuan Yin and she inspires me to be a more compassionate person, and partly because I’m completely in love with Zeng Hao’s depictions of her. Earlier this afternoon I unrolled my yoga mat and after doing a couple of wabbly poses I pulled a card, which was titled Weave The Future Golden.

I’m taking this to mean that I will have blessings in the future by preparing for them now but not getting fixated on the outcome, and remembering that following my bliss is still a lot of work but worth it. Two things I want to do in life are write fiction and teach yoga. But I never seem to make time for writing and barely make time for asanas. So I’m making time for yoga and meditation every day, even if it’s just tree pose for three breaths, and start saving up for teacher training. I’ve already started socking away tuition.

It seems I’m perpetually going to work on writing. So at the very least I can focus on reading. Way back when I started this blog one of my plans was to read and write about a book each month, so I’m going to do that even if it’s just “hey look what I read” instead of an in depth analysis.


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