Thoughts on 420

A little over a week ago  I was riding my bike downtown and recognized a vacant buildingaround 10th Street as an old cannabis clinic. It had a for lease sign in front of it and some not very skilled graffiti on the side wall. Two homeless men  sat on the steps next to a dingy shopping cart filled with their belongings. I glanced around the street and saw a storefront preschool and remembered something about zoning being the reason the club was shut down.

A few years ago my dance teacher’s troupe performed at a 4-20  celebration held in the clinic’s parking lot. It was a community festival vibe with the dance troupe, a few local bands and information booths for non profits like American’s for Safe Access. There was also a strictly enforced no drugs rule. I remember going, having a good time and learning things about the non profits.

I also remember going home and seeing the club on the news. They showed footage of the front of the building and a little girl standing in front of her family’s apartment next door, with the obvious angle of the story being how horrible it was that drugs were being sold near children. (Nevermind the improbability of a child being exposed to the inside of a cannabis clinic) What I don’t remember was a reporter or cameraman coming to talk to me or anyone else at the event.

The club was eventually closed and I have yet to see a news report on homeless people being near a preschool.


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