Thoughts on Youtube MRAs

I’m posting my thoughts here because I don’t have the energy to waste on arguments in the comments on youtube. I watched a video from a  Canadian woman who was a Men’s Rights Activist and now her videos that annoy me to no end keep showing up in my recommended videos. I will not say who this is because she seems to be making money off this project and I don’t want to give her exposure.

The videos are mostly 20plus minute rants/lectures on how women have female privilege because men do all the dangerous work and women live longer than men and feminism has done nothing to help society. Us getting the vote wasn’t fair because men get drafted and women don’t. She believes in Darwinism and Rational Thought but completely dismisses any scientific research her detractors bring up as “feminist propaganda” and “pat answers”. 

On the argument of female privilege because women live longer and men have a higher suicide rate. If men are superior for being physically stronger, then how is it women’s fault for naturally living longer? On the suicide rate, men only have a higher rate of SUCCESSFUL suicides because men and women tend to choose different methods. Women usually try to overdose on pills and men usually shoot themselves. Which do you think results in a higher success rate?

On abortion choices and child support. A woman’s choice to abort or not to abort has nothing to do with whether she wants a child or what the father wants or doesn’t want. It’s about whether she wants to or can continue with a particular pregnancy. MRAs argue that a man should have a say in the process. The man actually has a lot of say in whether or not to have a child. He can make choices about who his partner is and whether or not to use a condom or other contraception like vasectomy or a male pill (I’m not sure whether those are available yet but there are long term, reversible forms of contraception available to men) and he also has a say in custody and adoption once the baby is born. I and some other feminist think that under certain cercumstances men should be able to relinquish parental rights and responsibilities without retaliation.

With child support, it has nothing to do with the woman, or visitation rights, It’s paid for the benefit of the child and there are actually laws in place to make sure the money is spent on the child’s needs, not the mother’s. 

This post from tumblr is a pretty good illustration of why I don’t comment on youtube clips.

Feminists: Hey. We’d like for women to be treated as equals.

Society: Oh sure. You want “equality” but then you expect men to open the door and pay for meals, is that it? That’s not equality! That’s special treatment!

Feminists: Um, no not really. You don’t have to open the door and pay for our meals. We can do that ourselves.

Society: *gasp* What? You don’t want men to open doors for you? Why do you hate nice people? No wonder chivalry is dead! You’d yell at a man for just being polite and opening the door for you?

Feminists: No! We’re just saying you don’t have to do it just because we’re women!

Society: And while we’re at it, how come you don’t protect male victims of abuse and rape, huh?

Feminists: Actually, we think it’s really terrible that men are forced to stay quiet about their abuse because they’re worried about not being taken seriously. It’s this Alpha Male myth that causes it. Men are abused and raped and they’re not helped because men are supposed to be tough and able to handle it. This also goes for men not being able to express emotions.

Society: Oh, so you just want men to be a bunch of pansies then, huh? You hate men for wanting to be strong LIKE NATURE INTENDED THEM TO BE. You’ll be sorry when you end up married to some weak, simpering fool who likes to talk about his “feelings”!

Society: Also, you can’t have equal rights because women aren’t aggressive enough to want higher pay and stuff.


Society: Jesus, calm down. No need to be so aggressive.


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