Just Moved From Blogspot

I was going to use this blog for a certain project but decided to use it as my official(ish) writing blog.Blogger doesn’t seem to want me using paragraphs for some reason, an WordPress just seems a bit more user friendly.

My current plan is to at the end of each month this year, write about a book I read. January was going to be Necronomicon by HP Lovecraft but I’m only about 1/8th of the way through the book. So it will more likey be complete poems of Emily Dickinson because I have a copy and I’ve been meaning to read it from beginning to end. It’s just a faster reed for a procrastinator like myself.

I also might put up poetry or short fiction writing prompts from time to time and announce when and where I have anything published. I also for some reason decided to start a twitter.



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